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    Senin, 24 Mei 2010

    Products: learning & teaching tools stock market

    Products: Learning & Teaching Tools

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    21 easy fun steps to becoming self-directed. Teach yourself tricks and new techniques to reach your full potential. Guided activies - perfert to work indepently and improve your life or for leading groups.

    Fun introductions to the basics of self-direction.  The idea is that we learn a lot more by doing than by just reading, and that we are certainly more likely to do something if we pick it for ourselves. But that is the key here: doing it.

    1. The Challenge Approach: The original article. 2. Guidelines for Developing a Walkabout Program 3. The Struggle to Become Self-Directed 4. Guiding Students Through the Process 5. What Practitioners Say About the Challenge Approach 6. A Comprehensive Challenge Approach Program 7. Toward a Theory of Self-Directed Learning: A Study of Experts without Formal Training 8. Pardon Me. Didn’t I Just Hear a Paradigm Shift?

    Become skilled at Group Work and running meetings - Be the perfect participant. Learn how to read a group, to move together and to think process. 

    Some of the Subjects covered in the ebook: I. Successful Group Membership  II. Working in Groups: How can I make my meeting successful III. Leading a Group: Facilitation  IV. Learning in Groups

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