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    Minggu, 30 Mei 2010

    Forex trading ebook, envelope scalping, envelope scalper stock market

    Forex Trading eBook, Envelope Scalping, Envelope Scalper

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    In our time in this industry we have noticed a trend that proprietary trading firms are concentrating a great deal of capital towards scalping strategies. The reason for this is quite simple;

    If you have ever seen the traders in the pits flashing hand signals to each other, they are scalping. And Forex traders are notorious scalpers because there is zero commission. Nasdaq market makers scalp and so do the specialists on the floor of the NYSE.

    We felt there was a need to introduce a viable scalping tool, one that everyone could take advantage of, not just upper tier firms. With the Envelope Scalping strategy everyone can participate in one of the streets most used money making methods...scalping.

    What we have developed is a scalping strategy for the masses. One that can be used by the most experienced fund manager to the newbie looking to place their first trade. We avoided the complexities of lagging chart indicators in favor of simple math.

    These simple algorithms are used to trade any market intraday; with 5 minutes of work in the evening you are all set for trading the next day.

     If you implement the system and do not see positive results within 56 days you can request an immediate refund.

    BONUS OFFER Order Today and Receive A Free subscription to the StockWeblog Market Timer. 

    With the Envelope Scalping strategy and the Stockweblog Market Timer you will now have the best of both worlds; A daily trading strategy and a solid investment newsletter.

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