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    Sabtu, 22 Mei 2010

    Dotcomsecrets x stock market

    DotComSecrets X

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    If so, you need to understand it's not your fault. You're probably suffering from information overload, and we can help!

    The secret to riding a bike is not learning the 10 steps to riding a bike. It's not having a expert bike rider motivating you to ride...

    We take a different approach. While the others give you information and software/coaching what we do is completely different.

    If you'd like us to give you a customized 30 Day Shortcut blueprint, then click on the "Apply For The 30 Day Shortcut" button below.

    Summary of my first 3 mailings; 964 clicks, 15 opt-ins and 1 sale! Russell, you and your program rock!! Congratulations to everyone out there in DCSX Land! Keep going, keep sharing and keep celebrating!! This works!!

    Today: just made a sell! And got 4 upsells! I have also reached my goal of 400 subs!! Just got subscriber number 400! Keep it guys!!! The more you push it the more you will get!

    Day 4: 1 free solo, 1 paid solo.about 69 opt ins, mostly from paid solo, and 6 sales. Good results so far I'd day!

    End of my first month and have 560 people added to my list...If I work it right that should be $560pm to me.....I plan on tripling that number in my second month...

    So over 800 clicks now, 47 optins, 1 sale, and a 500 click paid solo going out today. The best success has been from The 1 other paid...

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