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    Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

    Desperate - desperatebuyersonly.com stock market

    Desperate - desperatebuyersonly.com

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    You DON’T have to be some ‘Big-Name Guru’ to make Thousands of Dollars per month Selling Information Products and Ebooks Online…

    I’ve been writing and selling information products online for 10 years now. I’ve made some grand slams, and I’ve failed miserably.

    Through out it all I’ve probably remained the biggest ANTI-case study for online marketing success. I don’t do most of the things that other online marketing experts claim you should do to be successful.

    Sometimes my sites are ugly – (this one sure ain’t winning any design awards). Sometimes my grammar is bad. I only use the spellcheck when I remember.

    And if at all possible, I try to write as little as possible and still get paid top dollar. My most profitable reports fall well UNDER the 12 page range, and can cost as much as $97.

    Why “The Information Publishers Rules” are 100% necessary for most – and yet unnecessary for a complete nobody like me.

    The reason why most infoproduct creators need that stuff to be successful is because they’re trying to sell scrapbooking e-books to people who want to learn how to scrapbook. Or e-books on how to take great pictures to people with digital cameras.

    When you’re trying to sell basic how-to information, you often gotta jump through a bunch of fiery hoops – (with gasoline underwear no less) – in order to get prospects in the door.

    The type of people who buy basic...

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