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    Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

    Crackerjack selling secrets stock market

    Crackerjack Selling Secrets

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              It's just incredible how reliably this works—whether you're selling a product, trying to land a new client or even if you just want someone to make a decision (about anything).           But we're just getting warmed up.           Here are even MORE of the secret persuasion tips inside...

    -Ken McCarthy, One Of The "Founding Fathers" Of Internet Marketing www.KenMcCarthy.com

    -John "Angel" Anghelache    Direct response copywriter who's clients include Gary Halbert, Joe Vitale and Yanik Silver

    -Tom Maui Business Owner

    Yesterday I used tip #6 to make 1 small, quick change to my website and sales immediately went up.  It was crazy. I didn't do anything different except that change. P.S. As you know, I WANTED to give your book negative feedback for ripping my sales letter to shreds recently, but I really can't. It's perfect for someone like me. I was going to critique it, but instead got into it... so that says something!

    -Rich Bryda Best-Selling Author

    Bloody brilliant!  Dude, I learned so much from Crackerjack Selling Secrets and I want to use some of this stuff in my landing pages to try and increase optin-rates.

    -Jim Yaghi Computer Scientist #1 Google AdWords Marketer in MLM www.JimYaghi.com

    Wow! I LOVE your Cracker Jack Selling Secrets book, and as always, I learned some new things - some of which I never put my finger on before. My favorite was #25, which I will consciously use now. One particular "guru" could have used it on me and easily...

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