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    Senin, 03 Mei 2010

    Converthis - wp conversion tracking and split testing tools stock market

    ConverThis - WP Conversion Tracking and Split Testing Tools

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    Ask any successful internet marketers whether split testing has boosted their income and their answer will be an affirmative YES. If you're not tracking conversions and split testing then perhaps you should consider starting.

    Watch this short and snappy 60 second video to fully understand the power of ConverThis and why you, as an online marketer, need it.

    Regardless of whether you own the Lite or Premium version of the CONVERTHIS plugin, you will pay just the once to use it as much as you want on your own websites. 50 campaigns. 45 websites. No problem! You will only ever pay the once for the CONVERTHIS (and yes, this includes all future updates)!

    Not only will CONVERTHIS work as a conversion tracker and split tester but it will also track clicks. Send people through your campaign URL and the statistics will show you exactly how many unique visitors have clicked through the link. Simple.

    With the basic version, the traffic is split evenly between each variation. But perhaps you’d rather weight your traffic more to a particular variation. Assign whatever traffic split you want to each variation with the premium version of the CONVERTHIS plugin.

    Got three versions of your squeeze page or a few variations of your sales page? With the CONVERTHIS plugin, you can enter up to 6 variations (basic only includes 3 variations) of any page and the plugin will automatically send your traffic through these variations allowing you to automatically split test each variation.

    Edit the titles of each variation, add descriptions and assign a color to use within...

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