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    Minggu, 23 Mei 2010

    Double your church attendance in 90 days (or less) stock market

    Double Your Church Attendance in 90 Days (or Less)

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    STOP! Here is important information you simply MUST know in order to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE* your attendance and membership … !

    … or does it merely describe the vision you FIRST had – the vision you had in your heart when you first accepted God’s call to spread the Word, and the fulfill the Great Commission?

    In the next few minutes as you study every word of this page, you will become invigorated and excited with the prospect – yes the very probability – that your long held dreams and visions are imminently now within your grasp – regardless of how much you may have struggled and agonized up to this moment!

    OR will you be a victim of the same old tire excuses, unable to change your church’s slow slide into spiritual oblivion?

    Ministering to God’s people is not easy — and it is not work that everyone is cut out for.

    Perhaps you have made the right choice for your life’s work after all, for God has guided you here.

    The technology, tools, and information available now to churches, ministers, and church leaders today are phenomenal!

    If yours is like all too many churches today (including many old and established churches), you are probably experiencing one or more of these...

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