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    Senin, 19 April 2010

    Financefeast :: finance feast best offer stock market

    FinanceFeast :: Finance Feast Best Offer

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    Hi, I’m Allan Scheeringa, and like you, I’m a long-term investor in the stock market & real estate for those quickly approaching retirement years. At age 57 I can see that I could’ve done better had I chosen better investment vehicles.

    Do you know the difference between the super-wealthy and you? They, or someone they pay, know about the types of assets that bring them attractive income WELL in excess of inflation rates. That's it. They're the same as you except that YOU don't know what you could put your money in besides the MOST PUBLICIZED investments.

    Here's your FIRST chance to look inside the door at the investments that the super wealthy use to STAY super wealthy. You didn't think they bought the rental houses they pass on their way to work or the common shares of publicly traded corporations, did you? They don't. They buy assets that they can count on; Assets that did not take a nose dive six years ago, assets that provide secure returns year after year for fifty, a hundred years and longer.

    Listen to my true story. It was the beginning of our fourth year making our living from an online business where we sold an ever-increasing number of items on Amazon [more than 100,000] and four ecommerce sites.

    We had been traveling...

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