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    Selasa, 27 April 2010

    Better business basics cb - productive catholic stock market

    Better Business Basics CB - Productive Catholic

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    What would you say to a friend that just got their 60-day notice?  They worked hard for years and years, only to have their employer sever their livelihood without any option but to hopefully find another job.

    Over and over I've seen friends at my full-time job get let go and have no clue how they were going to support their family or keep from destroying their savings that they worked so hard for because it's the only cash that they have.

    What would you do in that situation?  What would happen if your boss suddenly gave you notice that you were going to be laid off?

    You see, every time I've been in a situation where a friend is about to lose their job I always get asked the same thing, "How do I start my own business so I can make some money until I find another job."  The sad thing is that they don't realize that they should have started building their business while they had their job.  Do farmers plant corn seeds in the morning because they want corn for dinner?  No way!

    You need to start building a business now if you want to provide security for your family in the future!

    That's why I made this course specifically for those that want...

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