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    Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

    Nothing stock market


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    Based on the professional experience of a veteran movie distributor and internet marketer, you will get a step-by-step film distribution and marketing system so YOU can get your movie seen and selling as soon as possible!

    One of the biggest problems YOU have is finding a distribution deal (that actually makes sense) for your movie.

    While it is nice to imagine that your movie will end up winning Sundance and becoming the next BIG success story – It is important to understand that banking on Sundance (or any film festival) is NOT a solid film distribution strategy.

    The truth is, most independent films do not garner a great distribution deal. And as a result, most independent movies independent movies never get seen in the marketplace.

    I know this from experience. In addition to producing my own feature films, I have also served as the manager of acquisitions for several film distribution companies. Over the last five years, I have helped hundreds of indie filmmakers leverage social media, internet marketing and video on demand to get movies seen and selling.

    Just like you, I thought our first feature was going to get into Sundance, play well, build buzz and if we were really lucky – I honestly hoped the success of our movie would garner us a 3-picture deal.

    Sure, we got some distribution offers. But these offers were not deals. (A deal actually pays money!)

    Instead of selling our movie to some bottom feeding, second-rate distribution company (for empty promises and mere validation), we decided to...

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