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    Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

    Flea market guide - flea market secrets exposed stock market

    Flea Market Guide - Flea Market Secrets Exposed

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    "Earn Money Week in and Week Out With a Flea Market Business You Can Run in Just a Few Hours a Week!"

    Are you worried about making enough money these days? With the rising cost of everyday living who isn't concerned, right? Pull into the gas station and if you aren't close to empty maybe you can fill up for $50.00. Next stop the grocery store. Have you noticed how prices are increasing and the size of products are shrinking? How many bags do you walk out with for $150.00? Can you and your family eat for a week on that? Probably not. Do you have a mortgage or rent to pay every 30 days? Have the premiums on your home and car insurance increased? Electric? We just received a notice that our bill will be going up. Do you have health care payments? Car payments? Those are just a few of the basics. Sometimes you think you are starting to get ahead only to have a "Surprise Bill" like a home or car repair, dental work, the list goes on and on. They say you should have enough money in an emergency fund for 6 months of bills in case you are laid off or become disable. No one seems to be able to put any money away into their savings account and are dipping into their IRA and 401K for money to meet emergencies. How about saving for retirement? Who knows if social security will even be around in a few more years. With the increasing cost of living that money will be swallowed up fast anyway. Saving for the kids college fund seems to be a distant dream now. Every day you see...

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