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    Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

    Floating dock - floating dock plans - boat dock stock market

    Floating Dock - Floating Dock Plans - Boat Dock

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    I am NOT going to ramble on and on here with some long-winded story about how I searched the internet for good floating dock plans and couldn't find any so I built my own.

    I am NOT going to go on and on about how my "buddies" told me that I did a great job on my floating dock and that I should "write a book about it".

    What IS true is that I am one helluva handy guy with a hammer and saw. Have been all my life.

    And what's more, is that that my business partner and dear friend is even handier than I am. 10-fold. In fact, he has been a professional carpenter and boat builder for over 60 years. If it is made out of wood, he has built it, designed it, restored it or supervised its construction.

    So, when the time came that we wanted a floating dock, it stands to reason that we built the best floating dock that can ever be built on a limited budget and for personal use.

    I don't care where you have been looking at floating docks, or who built them, NOTHING out there compares to the floating dock that we built in terms of flotation ability and durability. Nothing....

    If you want to build your own floating dock, then we have the perfect solution for your every need. Stable enough to hold a barn dance on, yet easily maneauvered into place once in the water.

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